Corporate Wellbeing Services

Did you know?

  • 5% of the workplace calls in sick on any given day. The most common reason staff ask for sick days is illness including colds and flus, headaches and gastro, plus home and family responsibilities. 39% of businesses surveyed in 2014 stated absences related to stress, anxiety or depression had increased in the past year.

  • 20% of Australians will experience a common mental health disorder in any 12 month period.

  • The leading cause of death in Australia was ischaemic heart disease in 2016 and it is no secret that overweight and obesity are now big health concerns.


With lots of Australians spending the majority of their week at work, it is worthwhile for companies and individuals alike to ensure they prioritise wellbeing at work. After all, a happy, well rested, well nourished person will be functioning at their best, creating a fulfilling day for employee, team and workplace alike. This is why we are passionate about offering wellbeing services at work! 

Why choose Body Fusion for your Corporate Workshops?


Our Body Fusion team are all Accredited Practising Dietitians that are qualified to deliver the most reputable, evidence based nutrition advice. Collectively, we have backgrounds in Exercise and Sports Science, Physiology and Psychology . Our team is trained in sales, negotiation skills, assertive communication, problem solving and product development, meaning they know how to speak to you and your team.

Our friendly, knowledgeable and motivational team are engaging speakers and use many creative and innovative ways to connect with our audiences.

Services we offer:

Topical Workshops: Our 60 minute workshops can be delivered over breakfast or lunch times (“Lunch and Learn”). All include handouts and practical activities or demonstrations. 

Some of our most popular presentations include: 

1. Workplace Wellness: Get the low down on the best foods to keep you energised and brain sharp, talk all things coffee and how to beat the afternoon '3.30itis' slump. 

2. Myth Busting & Debunking Fad Diets: We take a skeptical, scientific look at some of the most topical diet myths and debunk some of the trending fad diets. 

3. Food & Mood: Discover how food affects the brain and one’s mood. Learn about feel-good foods and delicious ways of making them part of your work and home life. 


4. Eating Out & Socialising: Discuss the unhealthy food traps when eating out and learn our top recommendations for your favourite cuisines including Japanese, Thai, Italian, Pub food and many more. 

5. Immune Attack : Learn about the role the gut plays in our immunity and overall health and work on ways to boost your immunity through food. 

Healthy cooking demonstrations:

Want to get hands on? Everyone loves a good cooking demonstration to learn top tips to healthy meals and snacks! We completely tailor this to your business needs and can package it together with some of our other workshops. 

Supermarket or food court tours:


We recognise that for some us our biggest barriers are being time poor, being surrounded by many tempting options and navigating the supermarket! This service is to help your staff get completely on top of this and be making best informed choices.

Nutrition & Wellbeing Assessments: 

We can assess the current nutrition and wellbeing status of your team and offer individual and team based reports with recommendations to improve wellbeing in your workplace. 

Consultations on site

Have busy staff and want to make changes to their health more accessible? Say no more. We will come to you!

What our corporate partners have said: 

"Aimee came to present seminars on nutrition at our workplace as part of our Get Healthy at Work program. The four sessions covered nutrition myth busting, healthy snacking and the truth about alcohol & eating out. Her talk was engaging, informative and hands on. Our staff found it very valuable and we would recommend them highly." 

“Ashleigh came to present at our workplace on RU OK Day. The session was focused on Food for Mood and taught us how the food we eat can help to improve our mental well being. Her talk was engaging, informative and hands on. It was clearly valuable to our staff with many of our employees commenting on what a great session it was. We will definitely be planning many more sessions in the near future. Thanks Ash!”

"Our business engaged with Body Fusion to run some nutritional lunch and learn sessions for our Employee's. The team was extremely professional, creative and engaging. Our Employees really benefited from these workshops and had a lot of fun in the process. Our Employees still talk to each other about how they are going with the tips they have learnt from the Body Fusion team and continue to share healthy recipes with each other. I can't thank Body Fusion enough for the impact they have made to our Employees. I would recommend their services to any business." 

Give us a call or email today to book your workplace wellness sessions in!