Personal training

Body Fusion also offers exercise services to help you successfully achieve your goals.

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Benefits of Personal Training & Exercise


Stress release

Increased body tone

Increased strength

Muscle mass gain (If this is your goal!)

Improved flexibility and mobility

Improved stamina and endurance

Improved posture

Improved sleep

Enhanced performance for your sport

Better mental alertness

Improved self worth and confidence

Injury prevention or safe injury recovery

Management of chronic disease or associated risk factors

Overall improved quality of life

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Daniel Tabrett

Daniel Tabrett has had extensive experience training people of all ages with different levels of fitness, including many sporting teams, groups and one-on-one sessions.

Daniel's passion is to help people achieve their fitness goals in a fun and challenging environment, providing lots of variety so each session is interesting yet consistent with his clients desired goals.

Obtaining his Certificate III and IV in Fitness, and a Master Trainer and Exercise Professional qualification at the Australian Institute of Fitness, Daniel prides himself in helping those reach their goals by individually tailoring programs and schedules for his clients. Also as a qualified Punchfit Trainer (Boxing), Daniel provides a diversified level of variety in his sessions to meet his client’s fitness needs. 

 Outside of Personal Training, Daniel is very sports orientated. He has a personal interest in both sport and fitness, particularly Soccer, Cricket, Rugby Union, Rugby League and Tennis. Daniel is a current 1st Grade Cricketer for the Warringah Shire Cricket and also partakes in some cricket coaching.  He has also played at an elite level in both Cricket and Soccer and draws on his experience to relate to many of his clients


Sessions offered are of 30, 45 or 60 minutes duration (however no matter the duration, we can guarantee you will be sweating!). Sessions can be bought in both 5 or 10 packs. If you are interested in Dan writing a home or outdoor program for you however, single sessions are available for purchase. Please go to the "contact us" page to enquire further if you are interested.