Individual Consultations (We also offer Skype)

Every person's body is different. As qualified dietitians, we can help you fuel yours with the healthy foods it needs depending on your goals and stage of life. We are particularly well versed and see many clients for:

  • Weight loss,

  • Diabetes (Type 1, 2 and gestational)

  • Insulin resistance,

  • PCOS

  • High cholesterol/blood pressure

  • Healthy eating before and during pregnancy

  • We can also help with gastrointestinal symptoms including IBS, IBD, FODMAPs, and Coeliac disease. If you experience any of these, then contact us so we can help.

The team is also particularly experienced with adolescents and adults with eating disorders & disordered eating patterns (including comfort eating, binge eating disorder, yo-yo dieting).   We incorporate mindful eating techniques throughout our practice to truly improve your relationship with food. Make an appointment with us so we can start your journey.

All dietitians have competed in numerous sports and continue to swim, run, surf, play soccer and practice yoga. As a result we enjoy working closely with athletes, of all levels in reaching their potential. We:

  • Formulate pre and post competition & training nutrition strategies

  • Write muscle gain and weight loss plans

  • Discuss the use of supplements

  • Help you master optimal hydration.

If you would like to lift your sporting performance get in touch.

We have three locations across Sydney, however distance is no barrier. We offer phone and Skype consultations. Ask us how to arrange these consults. 

Nutrition Presentations & Public Speaking 

Here at Body Fusion, we believe the more people who learn the truth about nutrition & food the better! We offer interesting, fun and interactive nutrition presentations that cover a wide range topics including; Nutrition myth busting, fad diet detectives, smart supermarket shopping and perfecting sporting performance, just to name a few.  

Specialised Packages are available for:  

  • Primary & High Schools

  • Corporate Businesses

  • Sports Teams & Performing Arts/Dancing Schools

  • Community Groups

  • Nursing Homes & Care Facilities

  • Yoga retreats

Call us to see how we can lift the performance, health & wellbeing of your group. 

Sports Services 

  • Individual Consultations:

          Initial Sports Consultation (75 minutes): Initial consultation includes in depth dietary analysis,                                               basic measurements, base daily nutrition plan with options tapered to your energy, protein and                                               carbohydrate needs for training.

          Premium Sports Consultation (90 minutes): Initial sports consultationskin fold testing (See below)

          Individualised 7 Day Meal Plan: We get it! Athletes are busy and often time poor. This plan is smartly                                     tailored to your varying training needs, specific sport/event and its periodisation throughout the week. It                                 includes options to have before and around training, takes into account your food preferences and provides                         athlete friendly recipes!

          Here is our pricing for these services.

  • Skin Fold Testing (15 minutes) - Taking skin fold measurements is a very precise method used to determine body fat composition. Accreditation is required to obtain both accurate and valid results. Ash and Aimee hold an I.S.A.K. Level 1 Accreditation and are able to confidently offer you or your sporting team this service.

  • Hydration Testing (Sports Teams/Individuals) - Dehydration can have a huge influence upon performance. Hydration testing allows for accurate calculation of body weight loss and individual sweat rate. After testing, a team report is generated to explain results and indicate key players at risk of dehydration. These results are more effective when combined with a Hydration Lecture to educate players upon correct hydration strategies around training and competition.

Exercise Services

Body Fusion works with many incredible exercise professionals including Physio's, Exercise Physiologists and Personal Trainers. We believe that it is very important to give good referrals to people who are talented and passionate about what they do. We only align with these type of people! If you are interested in these services, we can organise the perfect referral for you. We also teach yoga and Aimee our Lane Cove Dietitian is a certified Pilates Teacher and Personal Trainer.

Professional Nutrition Consultants

If you're writing a blog/magazine article, developing menu plans for your school canteen, your cafe, or simply looking for a qualified voice on nutrition then we can act as your professional 'foodie' consultant. We have worked on projects such as Yoga Retreats (Menu Planning and Cooking), designing cold pressed juice ranges and smoothies (Buzz Bar and Fruit Ezy) and are currently nutrition ambassadors for a healthy lunch spot called Dolce Terra in Manly. We have also contributed to designing content for a food and nutrition App launched by Amway. 

Contact us to arrange a meeting. 




Aimee and Ash love our practical cooking sessions with sports and corporate groups!!


Ashleigh learning new skills for clients at Sydney Cooking School


Presenting at a Corporate breakfast


Enjoying an educational supermarket tour to identify best products


Nutrition for families


Producing Gold Medal athletes. One of our clients Soph at Nationals


We believe in supporting all aspects of a healthy balanced lifestyle