Yoga & Wellness

Why are we integrating Yoga into Body Fusion?

Ashleigh and Katrina have been practising yoga consistently for several years. Both girls have noticed how yoga positively influences them to better manage stress and establish work life balance. Also, they are making better decisions whilst becoming more mindful in different aspects of their lives. 

Through consulting with clients one-on-one for many years, it has become apparent to all our team members how important the MIND is on the nutrition journey. At Body Fusion we believe this element can be crucial to establishing long term sustainable changes in thought processes to form new healthy choices and habits.

Yoga, although a phenomenal physical practice, also offers the mind time to reflect and de-stress in the form of moving meditation.

'Food and mood' also tend to be inextricably connected. It is quite apparent that by altering mood through the practice of Yoga, clients can improve their food intake, and consequently achieve their goals more holistically. 

Ashleigh has completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training and is now a certified Yoga Instructor. This training involved intensive anatomical study, safe cueing/instruction and assisting, lesson planning and philosophy. Today's approach to yoga is of scientific origin, and Ashleigh is excited to share this knowledge with all those she teaches.

Yoga’s origins

Yoga is a practice that originated in Northern India over 5000 years ago and involves a combination of asana (postures), breath (pranayama) and meditation (dhyana). There are many different styles of yoga practiced today in modern studios, some of the more common being vinyasa flow and yin. 


The scientifically proven benefits of Yoga

  • Reduced lower back pain. A recent meta-analysis of random control trials in 2013 found that yoga had a medium to large effect on functional disability and pain. It also revealed that yoga improved overall emotional functioning and pain acceptance.

  • Reduction in blood pressure. A recent review of 15 studies noted eleven RCTs suggesting yoga leads to a significantly greater reduction in systolic blood pressure compared to other forms of pharmacotherapy, breath awareness, health education, usual care or no treatment at all.

  • Reduction in stress, anxiety and depression

  • Enhanced muscular strength and flexibility

  • Improved cardiovascular and respiratory function (healthy heart and lungs!)

  • Improved sleep

  • Enhanced overall wellbeing and quality of life

What are the benefits of yoga in assisting to meet your nutrition goals?

  • Increased mindfulness with food

  • Improved food decision making

  • Better stress management and consequently less emotional eating

  • Increased strength often comes with some increased muscle mass. This in turn can increase metabolism

Body Fusion Yoga and Wellbeing Services

  • Group classes

  • Private one-on-one or couple classes

  • Wellbeing packages include a combination of nutrition and yoga services tailored to your needs - let's chat

  • Please do not be afraid to Contact Us directly to discuss these services further. We can tailor something just for you, a group or a company.